Love beauty oils like we do? With their amazing ability to nourish, repair and strengthen skin, our award-winning certified organic beauty oils are globally recognised for their performance and efficacy. Trilogy’s rosehip oil is #1 in New Zealand with one bottle sold world-wide every 20 seconds.*

Why use a beauty oil?

Pure plant oils are at the heart of natural beauty. We love oils for their simplicity, natural affinity with the skin and the concentrated goodness they contain. Pure seed oils have a natural affinity with the skin and are a great way of delivering high concentrations of natural actives to the skin. Just use 2-3 drops, twice daily to repair and restore skin that radiates good health. Select a beauty oil based on your skin type and concerns or for more advice, refer to our Skincare Selector.

What do I look out for when selecting a beauty oil?

100% natural

We use cold-press extraction to release many of our precious pure plant oils maintaining only everything your skin needs for radiance and vitality without the use of chemicals.

Quality of the oil

You can be sure of a beauty oils quality by it’s hue - our world-renowned Certified Organic Rosehip Oil has a beautiful deep golden colour for delivering all over skin nourishment and repair.


We go to the ends of the earth to source only the best pure plant oils that are clinically-proven to deliver optimum skin repair.

Certified goodness

Look out for beauty oils that, like us, hold independent natural certification such as NATRUE or on selected products, independent organic certification from BioGro.

Your three step beauty oil routine

Our mantra of three simple steps to great skin - Cleanse, Repair and Moisturise - gives your skin all it needs to maintain natural vitality and radiance.

1. Cleanse

Select from one of our three ranges (Rosehip, Age-Proof and Sensitive) the ideal product for your skin type to cleanse and tone skin.

2. Repair

We use the purest plant oils and botanical extracts in our beauty oils and serums, with just 2-3 drops twice daily helping maintain optimum skin health.

3. Moisturise

Lastly, select one of our powerfully natural moisturisers to replenish and hydrate skin.