Trilogy Rosehip Oil is globally recognised for its performance and quality. Our signature product, Certified Organic Rosehip Oil, launched in 2002 and is one of the original range of just five Trilogy products. It was joined in 2012 by Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+, designed to answer the demands our modern world places on skin. Our most popular products, they’ve won many international beauty awards.

Pure plant oils are at the heart of natural beauty; they've been used to care for skin for thousands of years. Many of the oils extracted from seeds, nuts and fruit are beneficial and completely compatible with the skin. One of the best for skin is natural organic rosehip oil, extracted from the seeds of wild rosehips.

High quality rosehip oil is naturally rich in skin-loving nutrients which help improve overall skin condition. It's a great source of essential fatty acids (omega 3 and omega 6) and fatty acid (omega 9). These fatty acids are vital to the health of our skin, but our bodies don't produce them. Naturally occurring in rosehip oil, these lipid compounds moisturise skin and improve softness and elasticity, assist skin cell renewal and repair and can help to restore skin suffering the effects of sun damage and lifestyle stresses.

Being a naturally occurring product, the quality of rosehip oil can vary significantly. Look for rosehip oil with an independent organic certification. This guarantees that the oil comes from rosehips grown and processed without pesticides, herbicides and other chemical interventions.

The colour of rosehip oil can be an indication of quality, and can vary significantly depending on the concentration of essential fatty acids and beta-carotene. High quality, pure, cold-pressed rosehip oil ranges from a beautiful deep golden hue through to a rich red-orange colour. We insist on a minimum 80% essential fatty acid content and batch test every barrel we use to make our rosehip skincare products.

While roses are grown all over the world, the best quality rosehip oil for skincare purposes comes from roses which grow wild in the mountainous regions of Chile in South America and Lesotho in southern Africa. The soils, climate and water quality (rain!) combine to create ideal growing conditions and the rosehips are hand-harvested by small village communities in the surrounding area. It's a very low-impact, sustainable method of production.

And finally, a top quality certified organic rosehip oil or certified organic rosehip oil blend will have no added fragrance, colour or preservative. The natural fragrance is very subtle and may be slightly woody, but it shouldn't smell like roses as it's not made from the flower..